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Christmas Prep

With Christmas on its way I am posting several blogs on the best  sites tó visit if your thinking of contributing to a funky diy Christmas.

Okay so to start off, anything christmasy neeeeeeds gingerbread men. They’re cute, snazzy and give thatextra touch that every christmas party needs. Heres the link to the easiest, tastiest gingerbread recipe I’ve ever read:



Another essential ingredent to get the christmas jig started is decorations. The following sites will bring a great twist to the christmas style:


Top 36 Simple and Affordable DIY Christmas Decorations


Wait for one of my next blogs to find the best Christmas presents for,


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One of the toughest things you have to face in school is when someone breaks your trust.

This happens to me over and over again and I just cant seem to understand that I cant trust some people. I have tried not telling them my secrets, but it somehow just comes out and they dont realise that things can really hurt someone.

please comment underneath if you have had the same problem and you have found a way to deal with it.


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Dear World,

I have created this blog to help everyday people who face the same problems as me.

I hope it helps others to be more confident in themselves and live altogether a happier life.

Please give me your ideas on the posts and questions can also be answered.

As this is a confidential blog I’m not going to mention any names or ages.

Please tell me what you think, below,

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